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Arr. Celil Refik Kaya : 15 Turkish Folk Pieces : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Arr. Celil Refik Kaya

Les Productions D’Oz: 18 pages

All but one of these pieces (the exception being Yine Bir Gulnihal, written by Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi (1778-1846)), are traditional pieces. The arranger explains in his preface that he wanted to choose pieces that are not too difficult, and therefore has chosen this wonderful set of some of the most popular folk songs from Turkey, with a wide diversity from many different regions of Anatolia.

The first thing that strikes you is that nearly all of them are extremely modal in their harmonies and there is not too much of the unusual modes as I, and many others might have expected, and therefore many of them sound almost like children’s songs in their harmony. Having said that, don’t expect them all to be really simple, because they are absolutely not. Yes, a few are really playable by the less technical guitarist, but the vast majority are better attempted by moderate players, especially at some of the speed markings .Not only that there are some unusual rhythmic styles in a few of the pieces including , for example No8, Izmir’in Kavaklari, and No 13 Bulbulum Altin Kafeste which are both in 9/8, but not the 3 lots of three quavers one might expect, but rather 3 groups of 2 quavers , followed by one group of 3, which does play with your head for a little until you get used to them !Also No11, Yavuz Geliyor Yavux , which is in 7/8, consisting of 2 x pairs of quavers and one group of three for every bar, is another that could catch the unexpected players out. Lastly the final piece Tavas Zeybegi is in a mind- boggling 9/4 that really has you struggling at first.

Having said that the melodies, and harmonies are very catchy, the part writing is always fun, full of action, and not at all what you might expect, and I found them all great fun to pay, and I can see me using several of these on some of my students, and therefore I can recommend this fine set of pieces to anyone who likes their music melodic, interesting and based in folk music.

Chris Dumigan

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