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Claudio Camisassa : Guitarras Hermanas for 2 guitars : DOz

Claudio Camisassa

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate parts (8, 4, and 4 pages respectively)

Argentinean guitarist Camisassa has written many works for the guitar that I have seen over the years and with the use of Latin – American rhythms and styles he has written some wonderful pieces.

This latest one is immediately in a Latin rhythm of a 4/4 time signature with accompaniment on guitar 2 divided into 3, 3, and 2 quavers, where the bass notes are in that figuration and the chords above are in almost constant quavers. The melody on guitar one is a solo line right through the piece, and moves all over the fingerboard in what is a very appealing little melody .It’s definitely guitar 2 that has the most difficult time as it is almost entirely full of chords.

The opening is set in A minor and the main theme goes through a few repeats, with variations until a middle section where the speed is almost halved, and becomes a Larghetto. Now the guitar 2 part is chordal but largely written in crotchets to begin with, only becoming more varied as it progresses, shortly after which Tempo 1 re – enters with a similar idea to the opening, but with a new theme. This eventually does turn into the original theme, but still with a number of variants to previously. This then builds to a short climactic section where the coda intervenes and everything ends on a high.

This is a nice piece, not too difficult, although guitar 2 does need to be an intermediate player at the very least. I can see this piece being very popular with that standard of a duo.

Chris Dumigan

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