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Domenico Scarlatti   : Arranged by Rafa Guerrero:  26 Sonatas: Self – publication

Domenico Scarlatti, arranged by Rafa Guerrero

Self-Publication: Cat. No: - A0.1255857: 105 pages


Spanish guitarist/arranger Guerrero has here produced a huge volume of 26 of the hundreds of Scarlatti keyboard sonatas, and arranged them for the classical guitar, something that many people have done over the decades. Moreover nowadays there are still so many wonderful pieces to discover inside the Scarlatti oeuvre, our guitarist spent considerable time searching among all the sonatas looking for ones previously untouched by guitarist, and so most of the pieces from this book are unique transcriptions.The transcriptions are fully fingered, always a handy thing to have, and the pieces themselves are very varied full of great music and are not too difficult, bordering on intermediate for the most part.

As nearly always with guitar arrangements of Scarlatti, the pieces seem so natural in their new environment, that you might be surprised to find that they are not original guitar works, should you know the fact that they are actually keyboard works.

So all I can say about this book is that it is really worth getting your hands on, because it is a very well – produced book, full of superb pieces, and there is literally something for every player here in it.


Chris Dumigan

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