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Duo Decamp – Quiles : Guitares : Digital

SCARLATTI: Sonatas L288 and L118: DE SEVERAC: Pippermint Get Valse; Ou L’On Entend Une Vielle Boite a Musique: SOR: L’Encouragement: ALBENIZ: Tango Espagnol; Tango: PETIT: Tarentelle; Toccata: RUIZ- PIPO: A La Bossa Nova; A La Samba.

Nelly Decamp and Jean Pascal Quiles (guitars)


Nelly Decamp here combines her talents with fellow player Jean Pascal Quiles in a number of pieces that really fire one’s imagination. The opening two Scarlatti Sonatas immediately show the listener just how wonderful a duo the players make with L288 taking off at a very exciting speed and really opening the album in a most enjoyable way.

The French pianist Deodat de Severac is here represented in two pieces, the very catchy Pippermint Get Valse, and the short but equally attractive Ou L’On Entend Une Vielle Boite a Musique,both beautifully arranged by Jean Pascal Quiles for two guitars. Then perhaps the most familiar piece on this album Sor’s justly famous L’Encouragement taken at a slightly faster pace than some I have heard, but it works well even at this speed. The Two Albeniz Tangos that follow are very familiar pieces but the performances here are great fun, sound like they were written for the guitars, and full of wonderful melodies and harmonies, the second Tango in particular benefiting from two guitars as it is often arranged for one guitar, and it works that way, but with more scope on two guitars it is considerably enhanced.

The relatively small number of pieces for guitar by Pierre Petit are brilliant, and very interesting harmonically, and really wonderful when played by a superb duo, as here. The Tarentelle is exciting, and leaves absolutely no room for error, and here it gets a great performance as does its companion piece the Toccata, another real tour – de – force that is a wonderful piece of writing.

The final composer is Antonio Ruiz – Pipo who wrote quite a few works for guitar, although in reality being a pianist. The Spanish sound world of his home country is always evident , but coloured with his own particular style of harmony and this is again what makes this writer’s music interesting and worth listening to. Again the performances of the two works are second to none and complete what is a very worthwhile and beautiful bunch of performances of some beautiful music with absolutely none second rate at all. This is a recital well worth getting to know.

Chris Dumigan

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