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Giacomo Susani : Fantasia in Forma Lirica : Doberman Yppan

Giacomo Susani

Doberman – Yppan: 6 pages

This is the second piece I have seen from this talented composer, this one being homage to Italian writer Pier Paolo Pasolini. Apparently (not knowing this writer’s poems) this latest piece tries to evoke the almost improvisatory style of his most enigmatic works.

The piece, at a little over 5 minutes in length (see the composer’s performance of it on YouTube), is certainly very free both musically and harmonically, and does definitely give the effect of being almost an improvisation, although that is to take away the cleverness of its musical writing, which is constantly on the move, harmonically and rhythmically. The opening Andante Liberamente opens with mixtures of harmonics and ordinary notes before a rising theme occurs which crops up a few times in slightly altered variants elsewhere later on. There is a tendency for the harmonies to often include minor seconds, not as an unnerving interval, but as a sad and mournful sound. Everything is very tonal, but rather unusual in its musical progressions, giving a very individual sound to this music. It also is a constant surprise, making this not easy to play by any means.

After the improvisatory style of the opening Andante, a Poco Piu Mosso section takes place, where the note values get smaller, and across several time signatures, a mainly two – voiced section comes in , that in fact is the main body of the piece. Finally Tempo 1 comes back, and variants of the opening ideas lead finally to an Adagio, where everything dies away to a repeating low 6th E.

This has plenty of character and although requiring a good technique to actually get your fingers round is, is a piece that is unlike most others in style, and the writing is friendly, but different. Worth trying.

Chris Dumigan

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