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Hucky Eichelmann : Finger Works ;Your Key to developing a complete guitar technique.:Asia Music Intl

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Hucky Eichelmann

Asia Music International: AMI: 20 pages

This slim, yet densely packed volume is a comprehensive compilation of many different finger movements for both hands to improve one’s classical guitar technique. It focuses on rhythm and multiple voicings, but most importantly the need for musicality rather than just mindless technique for technique’s own sake.

The entire book is without notation, but rather merely in tab, but this really should not put any players off as it makes no difference as to how you approach the exercises within. After the Preface wherein Hucky carefully explains exactly the way to approach this volume, you then get a lot of chapters headed, for example, Repeated Notes, Scales, Elasticity, and Arpeggios, to name but four. However within each chapter there is a fair number of sub – chapters with different exercises to try under that heading, and so there are a lot of different subjects covered in this technical book.

I found it very useful, and a player who wants to improve, would find it enlightening and extremely cleverly done, and if any of your pupils need to improve in a number of respects, this little volume might prove very useful indeed.

Chris Dumigan

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