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Joep Wanders : Decades :The Seventies : Top of the Pops for 5 gtrs & bass:Joachim Trekel Musikverag

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Joep Wanders

Joachim – Trekel – Musikverlag : Score and separate parts ( 9, 3,3,3,3,3,and 3 pages respectively)

This one movement piece is from a set, each written in the style of some part of the particular decade in question, and therefore this one is the seventies, and subtitled The Decade of Pop, and that is firmly the style the piece inhabits.

Yes it is relatively short (only 52 bars, 84 including the repeat), but each of the six parts has a one note line throughout. The parts however are very carefully and cleverly written because the music that comes from the 6 parts is beautifully harmonic, full of pop –styled rhythms and lots of fun to play, if you have 5 other people who can give it a try with you. This would be perfect too for a large ensemble as the first guitar only has to reach fret 7 of string one, so nothing is too complex other than the task of actually all playing completely together in rhythm.

Hence this piece is ideal for the less – advanced group of players and is fun to play and listen to, so would be great for an end of term concert, or something of that ilk.

Chris Dumigan

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