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Joep Wanders : Pro Tirando: Broekmans & Van Poppel

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Joep Wanders

Broekmans & Van Poppel : 48 pages ( includes a CD)

The title speaks for itself, as these 33 compositions are all to promote the Tirando technique .The book follows on from Guitarra Tirando, and the patterns of arpeggiation are extended to enable the player to really get to grips with the free stroke whilst still paying attention to a legato feel, when necessary.

Now, you might think that 33 pieces all , to a greater or lesser extent relying on arpeggios might make much of this book very repetitive , but such is really not the case as Wanders goes out of his way to vary the music as much as humanly possible.

Therefore we open up with a 7/8 piece in Em (Tirando Returns) which at the Moderato required is not as easy as one might think. Moreover there are a myriad of different patterns, speeds, keys, styles and time signatures to help the process, and certainly by the end of the book anyone who has carefully followed the pieces should find it becomes second nature to create a fluid and legato arpeggio.

Moreover, many of the pieces are really worthwhile, just as pieces even though they a double life as studies too, and so I can heartily recommend this fine book as yet another publication by this fine composer that is really worth getting your hands on!

Chris Dumigan

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