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Jurg Kindle : Pendulum: DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Jurg Kindle

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

Swiss – born Kindle has written a huge variety of music over the years and in many styles too and has over 120 books in print, so therefore one can guess that his pieces are generally going to be worth the effort!

This latest piece has a mysterious edge to his harmony that is there on bar 1 and then carries over through every bar right to the final coda. It begins with a rocking set of four quavers that recur over and over again in a very unsettling and repetitive way and only varied slightly as they go on their way. They are usually underneath a melody in mostly long notes with the occasional run of triplets.

I one or two places care is needed to finger the two voices exactly so that neither suffers through premature lifting of one’s fingers from the other part, but for most of the time the work is only moderately difficult, the exception being the odd place where the open strings are meant to clash with fingered ones, and therefore what you might at first think is the right way to approach the fingering might not always be the case. The piece is not very long, and after a Dal Segno, the coda has the player holding four unsettling groups of notes in the form of two notes and then a chord, followed by a pause and then the next one, and so on, until the whole piece closes on the deliberately enigmatic sound of the final fourth group.

This is an unusual piece that anyone who likes their pieces a little different will no doubt enjoy

Chris Dumigan

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