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Jurg Kindle : Soleares -Flamenco Inspiration- for 4 guitars : DOz

Jurg Kindle

Les Productions D’Oz; Score and separate parts (12, 4, 4, 4, and 4 pages respectively)

Here is another in the continuing series from Swiss composer Jurg Kindle based on his love of Flamenco music. Having seen this man’s music many times over the years , I always know to expect something that is well – written and fun to play , and so this latest work most definitely is.

I would say that the difficulty factor is intermediate to moderately Advanced but not too much so. It begins with guitars 1 and 2 opening with percussion effects before guitar 4 plays a rhythmic bass line alternating with accented pairs of notes. Then guitar 3 enters with the main theme, at which point the percussion gradually disappears and all four players get involved with the music proper. Of course one expects, and gets plenty of E Major chords and the particular F Major chord that Flamenco players often use of moving the E Chord up a fret whilst retaining the open 6, 2, and 1st strings. That said, there is lots of variety and so one doesn’t get the same thing over and over again, which would be very easy to do, but not very satisfactory. So here as soon as one gets the opening theme, new ones appear and nothing stays still for very long. The writing is always friendly and not too complex but the constant changes in the music make it always interesting and involving to play.

I can see this being taken up by moderately good quartets because you can always rely on this writer to give you music that is worth playing!

Chris Dumigan

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