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Leonardo Vinci :arr. Edoardo Catemario : So Le Sorbe E Le Nespole Amare (XVIII sec.) :Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Leonardo Vinci; arr. Edoardo Catemario

Bergmann Edition: 2 pages

I can tell you little about the composer or the work, as there was no Preface of explanation here, but looking on the internet I can only say that it is probably not Leonardo da Vinci, although he also apparently wrote and played music! As there are several performances of a slightly altered version of this tune as a song, I can only assume that that was the original from which Catemario did this arrangement for solo guitar

Written in Em its Moderato 12/8 is in two and sometimes three voices with generally one voice constantly on the move whilst the other(s) usually have the melody in longer notes. As it stands it is a relatively brief (28 bars, but with large repeats) but very pleasant work which is ideal for the moderate player who has a good knowledge of the fingerboard and who can relatively effortlessly keep the almost constant flow of quavers going without delay.

It is melodic, interesting and a nice relatively complex work out that is worth getting to know. As for what the title means, well, I tried it on Google Translate and …..Enough said about that!! Nice piece.

Chris Dumigan

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