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Maria Linnemann : Songs of Calm : Ricordi / Hal Leonard

Maria Linnemann

Ricordi / Hal Leonard: 20 pages

This is another book of 10 pieces by Maria Linnemann, one duet and nine solos, which if anything is even better than the wonderful Songs from the Heart that is reviewed elsewhere on this site. They are a little harder than that other book, but still only of moderate difficulty. The character of the pieces however is the same, warm, emotional, beautiful harmonies, great melodies, and very playable indeed, in a style that immediately friendly and also involving.

The opening Cancion de Cuna with a dropped D 6th string is a beautiful lullaby with many lovely features including a number of voices that change constantly, so that you are instantly drawn into to its musical world. The Three Songs without Words for Scotland with the Scotch Snap rhythm in some of the melodic parts are beautiful pieces of writing. The slightly latinesque Sun Sand and Blue Skies has that dotted rhythm you will recognize, but after that the melodies and guitar writing is very much the composer’s own. A Prayer for You is short but sad, and with a number of places you can put as much emotion into your playing as you can for the piece really needs it. The duet , A Simple Song of Hope is yet again another of those pieces that after you played it, a smile comes to both your faces and you realize what a lovely work it is, and definitely one for a decent duo to play at a concert as any audience would really enjoy it.

This is a wonderful set of pieces, with lots of interesting places that any guitarist would enjoy trying, and with very emotional writing in them all, that set them apart from many pieces written nowadays. Of moderate difficulty only, I can see this really taking off with guitarists and audiences alike.

Chris Dumigan

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