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Narciso Yepes : Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas : CD

SCARLATTI: K146, K34 Larghetto, K238 Andante, K42 Minuetto, K474 Andante e Cantabile, K32 Aria, K322 Allegro, k77, Moderato e Cantabile K283, Andante Allegro, K64 Gavotte, K446 Pastorale, K377, Allegrissimo.

Deutsche Grammophon : 413 783 -1 GH

Narciso Yepes was of course always known for his wonderful playing of his 10 string guitar conceived by him in 1963 and then made for him by Ramirez and was the instrument that he adopted and continued playing for his entire life until his death in 1997. As a result his recordings often met with mixed reviews because some people loved the 10 strings and others didn’t, sometimes complaining that his performances were often lacking in emotion, and although clean, they lacked that certain spark which they then blamed on his instrument.

Well, times have changed and now his playing on his beloved extended range instrument can be appreciated for the ground – breaking sound that it had, and there is little better than this very varied recital of twelve of Domenico Scarlatti’s 555 keyboard sonatas. course the very fact that Scarlatti’s are vastly varied in the first place, from tiny 1 minute pieces to pieces of more than 8 minutes in length, and in every style from Minuetti, to Pastorales and speeds varying from Lento to Allegrissimo and everything in between you are almost guaranteed an engrossing set of pieces that are very different from each other.

As for Yepes’ playing and the recording quality, his playing is of course first rate with the extra bass notes really counting in every track, and the recorded quality is clean , clear and very natural sounding, and therefore I can say that this is a fine example of the superb player that was Yepes, and if Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonatas is of interest to you, then tis recital is bound to impress and involve you.

Chris Dumigan

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