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Nick Peros: Nocturnes: 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar : CD

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Nick Peros Nocturnes: 24 Nocturnes for solo guitar

Michael Kolk

Deo Sonic Music: DSM 54536

Reviewed 18th December 2017

Nick Peros is a Canadian guitarist /composer who has written for many different instrumental combinations, including 5 suites and a sonata for solo guitar. This latest set, is also published by D’Oz.

The music is instantly enigmatic in its use of unexpected harmonies and notes, but definitely not unfriendly in any way.

The Nocturnes, (that don’t seem to be in all the keys, in spite of their number 24) begin with an animated No1 marked with fire and passion, and, yes, that is there but also an inherent strangeness that gives it a particular quality. No2 is marked relaxed, and yet is a little creepy too in its musical language. No4 is rushed and manic but again in a slightly disturbing way, with harmonies that create an uneasy feel. No6 is another highlight, marked atmospheric and mysterious its chordal progression gives the listener slight chills, because nothing is friendly, and yet everything is tonally based, just very strangely put together harmonically.

You have to wait until No8 before you find a piece that presents a friendly face to the listener, if a little sad and reserved. No11 is a helter – skelter set of running arpeggios, rather low in the guitar’s range at the start and therefore sounding relentless and angry.

There is no space to mention all the highlights but let me say that these are very individual, and well worth getting the score and the CD of. They are quite unique!

Chris Dumigan

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