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Nicolas de Angelis : Le Meilleur de la Guitare : CD

TOUSSAINT: Jeux Interdit; La Nini Paloma; Venitian Night; Arr. TOUSSAINT / ROY: Guantanamera: Arr. TOUSSAINT/SALESSES: El Condor Pasa, La Bamba :DE SENNEVILLE: Quelques Notes Pour Anna; Implora; Jalouse Andalouse; Diva; La Esperanza; DE SENNEVILLE / BAUDIOT: L’Espagnole; Pres de Coeur; La Serment Oublie; L’Amour Amore; Solamente el Amor;Amour Fou, Amour Loup; L’Amour a Plein Coeur: BOCCHERINI: Menuet: VELAQUEZ: Besame Mucho: LARA: Solamente Una Vez: MOZART: La 40eme Symphonie: MODUGNO/MIGLIACCI/PARISH: Volare: REINHARDT : Nuages.

Nicolas de Angelis (with Diego Modena and Richard Clayderman on a track each, and an unnamed orchestra throughout)

Delphine: DEL 270057-2

French Guitarist Nicolas de Angelis here recorded what might be called an easy listening album with several pieces that you will certainly recognize, and many that you probably won’t. The main criterion here is relaxing, romantically styled, and tuneful arrangements of some peasant music.

So one finds the famous Anonymous Romance, here titled by its film connection Jeux Interdit, and also, according to the sleeve notes written by Toussaint, but I think they mean ‘arranged by’ although that is not the way it’s stated on the sleeve. You also get Boccherini’s famous Menuet in an upbeat, catchy arrangement, which will really offend purists, but delight the listener who just enjoys tunefully pleasant music. The Sandpiper’s Guantanamera, is another pleasant tune and a piece that I remember from my teenage days with fondness, apparently written in reality by one Joseito Fernandez, but not given the recognition here. This is another lovely arrangement with two guitars duetting that I can only assume were both De Angelis. Some atmospheric violins introduce Le Condor Pasa, of course a tune that most will know, even if only from Simon and Garfunkel’s famous one!. The arrangement is superb, and really great to listen to, as all of them are on this CD. It might be ‘easy listening’ but nevertheless it has some great playing, some beautiful ideas in the arrangements for the orchestra, and a very clear recording that of course does highlight the guitar throughout.

The rest of the CD is every bit as good as the ones listed above. Yes, there will be some who will loathe this set of recordings for ‘watering down ‘ the classical guitar, but for those who don’t mind the idea , this CD is really good , beautifully done, and has a lovely clear and bright sound.

Chris Dumigan

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