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Pablo de Sarasate : Habanera :Spanish Dance Op21 No2:Arr. For violin & guitar Marek Tabisz :Bergmann

Pablo de Sarasate: arranged by Marek Tabisz

Bergmann Edition: Score and separate parts ( 11, 4, and 4 pages respectively )

This work was originally written for violin and piano and is only one of several works by this composer arranged this way by Polish guitarist Tabisz

As with many works by this composer its Spanish musical style is instantly engaging and a fun piece to play and to hear. As far as I can tell the violin part is largely unchanged from the original composition, although mention is made in the Preface of the violinist Jochen Brusch who agreed to undertake a revision of the violin part and therefore some work has obviously been done it. It is however, as one might expect, being a work of Sarasate, to be for advanced level only, for indeed there are multiple places where the violin part races up and down in many different ways and also many other touches where only a wonderful player could cope with it.

The guitar part however is a different thing entirely, and being an accompaniment for the vast majority of the time is often just keeping the Habanera rhythm going while the violin does all the difficult stuff. That means essentially that the guitar part would suite an intermediate player absolutely fine, for the guitarist does have to jump around from position to position throughout the piece and so the intermediacy of the part is inevitable.

The piece is a lot of fun, and audiences would love its great melodies and enjoy its Spanish acrobatics, and so providing you have a violinist who is a great player, any guitarist who is a reasonably good player would get a lot of enjoyment from this super publication

Chris Dumigan

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