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Lilith Guegamian :Parfums D'Armenie : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Parfums D’Armenie

Lilith Guegamian

Les Productions D’Oz: 6 pages

Reviewed 7th June 2019

This lady from Armenia is a new name to me and here she has produced four quite easy little pieces that are reminiscent of the music of Armenia .At one page apiece, one can see that they are short and to the point.

Des Abricots (Apricots) is a Dolce in A minor which has a two voiced structure with, for the most part, long open string bass notes against a folk – styled theme that never moves beyond the fifth fret.

De Doudouks (an Armenian double reed woodwind instrument) is a rolling 6/8 piece in Em with the same long bass notes underneath a pleasant folk –styled melody. Again nothing is very difficult.

Des Montagnes (Mountains) has a rolling arpeggio pattern with an instruction to always leave the notes held on where possible (l.v. sempre) .This piece moves a little faster and the slightly more complex pattern makes this one a little harder without a certain amount of preparation.

The final piece Des Eglises (Churches) is set in Em and is in three voices with mostly open bass notes and slightly offbeat accompanying chords underneath a nice melody often in the higher register .The chords that accompany are often open strings, so again there is nothing too difficult. It closes with a climb up the scale to a top E

These are pleasant if undemanding little pieces and perhaps students would enjoy getting their fingers around them, so therefore I can imagine that the less advanced players might find this little set enjoyable.

Chris Dumigan

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