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Frederic Hand (with guests Paula Robison (flute), Brasil Guitar Duo and Trio Virado): CD:Samatureya

Updated: Apr 17, 2021


Frederic Hand (with guests Paula Robison (flute), Brasil Guitar Duo and Trio Virado)

Panoramic Recordings: PAN08

Reviewed 30th May 2018

All the pieces here are written by Frederic Hand, this latest recording being half solo, and half works for small ensembles.

The opening Chorale for guitar quartet all played by Hand, is inspired by Renaissance and Baroque models, but makes use of his lovely gentle but crunchy jazz- like harmonies. The sound from Hand’s guitar is warm and close and outstanding in its qualities. Heart’s Song is a touchingly emotional solo piece and precedes Trio for Flute, Guitar and Viola, and the title piece Samatureya both played by Trio Virado, the former piece divided into two parts, firstly on solo guitar, and then the second presenting the same melodies in a conversation between the flute and the viola, whilst the title piece is more up-tempo, with a Samba rhythm on guitar through much of it. Again there are a number of sections to this substantial work.

A frenetic and tricky Samba follows, very much a mixture of jazz and Brazilian harmonies and then Still an extended duo work, full of complex but gentle music, whilst the four movement The Maverick for flute and guitar was written for the Maverick Concerts summer festival in the USA, and is exciting in its opening cross rhythms and emotional contrasts.

The recital concludes with a number of solo works, the best being saved until the last, Lesley’s Song, a work I have played for many years and the one that turned me onto his music. This is a wonderful recording in every way.

Chris Dumigan



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