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Steve Marsh : Festivo : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Steve Marsh

Les Productions D’Oz: 7 pages

This little piece is very much in the Latin style with offbeat rhythms very reminiscent of the Brazilian style, many Major 7th harmonies along the way, but also plenty of areas of pizzicato, rasgueado chords and six separate notations for percussion to be done on the guitar by various methods all over the guitar throughout its 4 or so minutes.

This of course means that it is definitely not for any player with less than a moderate to very good technique, but also it does mean that you know exactly what sort of music you are getting here, and any lovers of music influenced by the Latin style will really enjoy the fun extrovert music you will find here. It also has a motif that keeps recurring throughout and which enters finally in the coda to do a ‘repeat and fade to nothing ‘kind of finish, which will no doubt delight your audiences with its humour.

This is a nice piece and one that many will enjoy playing

Chris Dumigan

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