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Taiwo Adegoke : Ila Oorun Ni Ile Adulawo ( Sunrise in Africa) for Guitar Quartet : Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Taiwo Adegoke

Bergmann Edition: Score and separate parts (14, 2, 2, 2, and 2 pages respectively)

This Nigerian composer’s music is new to me. He writes, arranges African Folk Melodies, and teaches classical guitar in Southwest Nigeria, and one can find a number of his pieces played on YouTube, including this quartet.

The first thing you can say about the piece is that it is not too complicated to play, and a decent bunch of guitarists would be able to do a fine job of playing it. Not only that Guitar 4 is, for 45 of the 55 bars only on percussion, where they knock on the body of the guitar, and guitar 3 has, for the same 45 bars only go to play 3 bass notes, including a dropped D 6th throughout, although the actual rhythm of those three notes is subject to change throughout the 45 bars. Then for the last 10 bars, guitars 3 and 4 sway parts, and guitar 3 plays the knocking rhythm, whilst guitar 4 plays the 3 bass notes.

Therefore guitars 1 and 2 are playing the melodies and harmonies throughout, and this is where the musical style really comes into play, because the music is for the most part a small cell of two repeated chords, again varied in rhythms and arpeggiation throughout, whilst the guitar one part has the actual melody that sits on top of these repeated patterns.

The piece is very slow, and as a result plays for approximately 5 minutes. It was pleasing to play and very tonal throughout, but the very repetitive nature of the music might not suit some players. However if the very African sound of this music appeals, then this piece could really suit you and in the end the music is enjoyable.

Chris Dumigan

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