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Steve Marsh :The Anthology of Classical Guitar Techniques : Mel Bay

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The Anthology of Classical Guitar Techniques

Steve Marsh

Mel Bay: 104 pages

Reviewed 16th December 2018

This book is far from being just a text book, for each of the thirty – two different techniques has a written explanation, then some exercises, followed by two original Marsh compositions using the various techniques in a meaningful way. It covers a vast array of different styles of music that range from Lower to Higher Intermediate grades and is therefore far more than just another tutor book.

The technical explanations may be unnecessary for some, but are merely there to clarify whatever techniques the player may have not seen before. They include not only the more common ,such as Arpeggio, Partial and Full Barres, Campanella, Glissando, Harmonics, whether Natural ,Artificial or Right Hand with Bass, but also Golpe, Ornaments, Pizzicato, Rasgueado, Rhythmic Percussion, String Bending, Tambour, String Crossing and String Brushing, to mention only a fraction of what is on offer here.

As for the pieces themselves, many of them are wonderful recital works in their own right, for example the bagpipe- inspired Kilchurn Castle (in the Ornaments section) , the lute- inspired Mrs Tilly’s Welcome Home ( in the Rapid Scales section) or the very folk-y sounds of Gaelic Bread in the Descending Slurs section.

This book has been very carefully prepared, and great care has gone into all the multitude of details one finds here. Therefore nearly all players will benefit from this fine volume as there is something for everyone.

Chris Dumigan

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