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Vittorio Fiorillo  : Tre in Uno : Bergmann :

Vittorio Fiorillo

Bergmann Edition: 6 pages


Italian Fiorillo has his musical hands in a number of different directions, and is also a classical guitarist who has here produced three miniatures, each only one page long.

Arpeggio is a 4/4 piece in E Major, of only 16 bars, the great majority of which is a minim bass note followed by an arpeggiated group of three notes sounding friendly, but nothing too unusual .Then after a fortissimo on a C Major where everything momentarily pauses on a G, the final bars produce an almost jazz like run down the fingerboard, complete with glissandi, and a final pair of harmonic sevenths.

Melodia, is a 2/4 A Major piece of 26 bars consisting of a gentle melody over some longer bass notes, all very nice if a little unsurprising and a again a coda ending in two 7th harmonics

The final piece, Colore, has a dropped D 6th, and is a 4/4 piece in D Major, and in contrast to the two previous pieces, is a touch acidic in its harmonies. This Adagio begins with a D 7th arpeggio, topped by a C#. The piece continues in this way with a few different time signatures, and a 16 bars of content , that never repeats its themes, but rather continues on its way, until a coda , again ending on two harmonic sevenths.

I couldn’t really take to these pieces. They were, in my opinion, a little two short, and in being short, not individual enough to make them worthwhile. Never having seen anything else by this composer, I have no idea how typical the pieces are, but they are not very difficult to play, and others amongst you, may thing they are just fine.


Chris Dumigan

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