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My Compositions - 3

My composed songs (not including those with Chris F.)

- My Collaborations

Words by Ken Sharples
Lady of My Dreams           
Where’re You Going To?
Tilly – Ann
St Cyr sur Loire
The Loser

Words by Grace Smith
Ellen Vannin( For the Love of My Homeland)

Words by Robin Kelly

Words by Bill Johnson
Girl of the City
Too Close for Comfort
The Best Things in Life
Song for Whoever
Foot Fetish Blues

Words by Norman Partington and Bill Johnson
Slightly Loose Lady
Words by Norman Partington
Micro – Love

Words by Kim Brown and Chris Dumigan
It’s Getting Easy

Words by James Blandy
Lose You

Words by Tony Ward
Another Victim of a Broken Heart

Words by Brian Cooper
Almost Over
My Life
Love Lost
A Time For Us
Red Light Roses
The Push – Car Song
Mirror – Image
Don’t Tell Me
Ribbon In The Drawer
Pot of Gold
A Little Song For Moira
If I Knew
Bank Clerk’s Lament
Another Place Another Time
Such a Long Long Time

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