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My Compositions - 5

Classical Compositions

Title                                                                                                                     Published           Date

                                                                                                          (Click on publisher's name

                                                                                                                 for their Website)

With Susan for solo guitar                                                                                 Unp.                    Pre- 1973

Francesca for solo guitar                                                                                   Unp.                    Pre- 1973

Little Suite for guitar in 3 movements                                                              Unp.                    Pre-1973

Summer Days: A Set of three pieces for solo guitar:                                      Haus Trekel        1973

Sonata for solo guitar in 3 movements                                                            Haus Trekel         1974

Intermezzo    for solo guitar                                                                              Haus Trekel         1974

A Fireside Scene for solo guitar                                                                       Haus Trekel         1974

Chiaroscuro: A Suite in 4 movements for solo guitar      -                              Unp.                     1980

Chiaroscuro: for 2 guitars (arranged from the solo piece)                             Lathkill                 1985

Suite for the 10-course Renaissance Lute in 6 movements      -                    Unp.                     1985

Sonatina for 2 guitars in 3 movements                                                            Lathkill                 1986

A Woodland Arabesque for solo guitar                                                          Haus Trekel          1989

Fantasy - Sketches Set 1:24 pieces for solo guitar in all the keys                 D'Oz                     1992

Suite for the Guitar in 6 movements (an arrangement of the Lute piece)   Haus Trekel          1994

Jessica for solo guitar                                                                                       Lathkill                  1995

Partita for Flute and guitar in 4 movements                                                   D'Oz                     1996

A Garland of Grainger: 3 pieces for solo guitar                                             Haus Trekel          1997

Lifedance for 3 guitars                                                                                      Lathkill                  1997

 Fantasy - Sketches Set 2:24 pieces for two guitars                                       Haus Trekel          1997

Pastorale and Dance for Flute, Viola and Guitar                                            Haus Trekel         1998

Three Nightcaps: 3 lullabies for solo guitar                                                    D'Oz                     1999

A Waltz - Trilogy in 3 movements for 2 guitars                                               Lathkill                 1999

A Peace for all Children for Flute and Guitar                                                  D'Oz                    2000

A Dance Rhapsody for solo Guitar                                                                   D'Oz                    2000

Jessica for 2 guitars                                                                                           Lathkill                 2000

Sonatina in 3 movements for tuned percussion and guitar                          Haus Trekel          2001

An English Idyll )for guitar orchestra                                                               Haus Trekel          2001

Homage to Ravel (subsequently 2nd movement of Sonatina see below)   Unp.                     2001

Blues for Alison for Solo Flute      -                                                                  Unp.                     2001

Quintet in 5 movements for 2 Guitars, Flute, Viola and Cello                      Haus Trekel         2002

Introduction and Allegro for Bayan and Guitar                                              Bergmann           2003

Sonatina in Homage to Ravel in 3 movements                                              Berben                2004

From Darkness Into Light in 2 movements for solo guitar                            Haus Trekel        2005

A Fantasy On Shenandoah  for solo guitar                                                    Haus Trekel        2005

Variations on 'She Moved Through the Fair' for solo guitar                        Haus Trekel         2006

On the Bass-Line: A Suite in 4 movements for 6-string electric bass guitar Unp.     -            2007

A Moment Alone for solo guitar                                                                     Lathkill                2007

Long Ago and Far Away: Three fairy tales for solo guitar                            Bergmann          2009

Soliloquy for solo guitar                                                                                  Haus Trekel        2010

Tryptych for guitar orchestra                                                                           Haus Trekel        2013

In Memoriam Paco De Lucia for guitar ensemble                                        Haus Trekel        2014

Dance – Rondo for 4 guitars                                                                           Haus Trekel        2015

Celtic Elegy for 4 guitars                                                                                 Haus Trekel       2015

Aubade, for flute, viola and guitar                                                                 Haus Trekel       2015

Dance Round the Maypole for guitar orchestra                                           Bergmann         2017

A Thomas Hardy Suite for female voice and guitar                                     Lathkill               2017

La Chanson de L'Avoirdupois for contralto and guitar                               Lathkill               2020

Fantasy on Star of the County Down for flute, Viola and guitar                 Bergmann        2020

Blues for Emily for solo guitar                                                                        Bergmann        2020

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