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Fernando Sor : Arr. Eddie Healy : Beneath the Surface for two guitars : DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Fernando Sor arr. Eddie Healy

Les Productions D’Oz : Score only 11 pages

What Eddie Healy has done here is to take the first 5 pieces from Sor’s Op60 Studies (the first 4 of which are single note studies and the fifth very basically harmonised) and added a second part more complex in nature to add a certain depth to the original. Moreover it does give the beginner trying out the original to do some pleasant duet playing via a more advanced accompanist. Key changes have been made in a few cases, and therefore No1 originally in C is now in G, Nos 2 and 3 are now in F , rather than C, No4 is now in Am , rather than Cm as in the original whilst the final No5 is now in Dm rather than Am. The composer states that this has been done to create sufficient space for the accompaniment provided in guitar 2, and I can see his point entirely.

As they are now, they are fun to play, and do have more depth to them, as a result of Healy filling out the harmonies in the second part, and as such I could see these being very useful to a beginner whose teacher wants him/her to appreciate and get familiar with playing duets whilst not having anything too complex.AS such this is a worthwhile little volume that many will get something useful from.

Chris Dumigan

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