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Ozan Saritepe: Kapa : Doz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Ozan Saritepe

Les Productions D’Oz: 8 pages

This Turkish guitarist is a phenomenal player as his YouTube channel is witness to, and indeed should any interested players want to see the composer play this piece, he can be found on YouTube performing it.

A crotchet beat of 240 is a rare event in guitar music, and then to play it in 7/8 with first 27 bars made up of artificial harmonics above natural harmonics in the bass at the same time, is certainly pushing the proverbial boat out a bit! After this opening section the 7/8 continues with a melody that is constantly pulling off to the open string to achieve its effect, with a drone bass effect constantly underneath. Grouped in 3 +2 + 2 , the seven beats continue with chords , which are still being pulled off to the open 1st string E, and then changes back to a single string melody (with pull – offs) , atop now some fretted notes harmonizing with the melody above. This continues via a constantly varying melody and harmonies for another 3 pages, which at this speed is about 40 seconds! Then a D.S. al Coda takes you back to the second section, after the harmonics opening for a reprise of that section and then one leaps to the coda which after pausing momentarily on to harmonic 12s, dives to string 6 where the pull- off motif transfers there to an almost heavy metal style close.

To say this is a virtuosic piece is understating the obvious, and this really is only for the advanced players amongst you, but it a stunning piece of writing, and if you are able to perform this, you will attract many admirers.

Chris Dumigan

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