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Joncol 4 : CD: Aires de Andalucia

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Aires de Andalucia

Joncol 4

GWK Records: GWK140

Reviewed 12th March 2018

Duo Joncol, the married guitarists Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado Moreno have struck out in a new direction by adding Kurt Fuhrmann on percussion and Anna Colom on vocals to produce a flamenco-

based CD that, unlike many flamenco sets, equally covers the classical as well as the flamenco. The results are fascinating and beautiful.

Over half the set is made up of 4 originals by Moreno, which are wonderful creations. One of the best tracks on the whole CD is the opening Una Luz del Norte which, in spite of lasting a little over nine minutes in length is consistently enthralling. It begins in a flamenco style on the two guitars with percussion gradually taking over. Then a pause heralds in a beautifully warm and sexy vocal from Colom. This mixture of flamenco and a hybrid of it is typical of the whole recital. His other three works are every bit as good and cover many emotions throughout their considerable length.

As for the two other works not composed by Moreno, there is firstly the eight – movement suite from El Amor Brujo by Manuel De Falla which includes not only pieces often heard in two guitars – arrangements but also several vocal items not heard as often. This is another beautiful set.

The other work is Albeniz’s exquisite Cordoba that concludes a most imaginative and gorgeously recorded set of quite magical pieces that gave me a completely new insight into the flamenco sound.

Chris Dumigan

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