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Angela Mair : One by One (Volume 1 ) :Bergmann

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Angela Mair

Bergmann Edition: 13 pages

This is a set of eleven easy pieces written specifically for beginners often with certain technical points about them that while useful to the pupil , will still sound musical and fun to play , particularly for the younger pupils.( Incidentally The company’s website above has all the pieces played by the composer for anyone to peruse)

The set begins with Cheerful Chirping , which is an Allegretto two – voiced piece, with long – held open string bass notes underneath a melody with hammer-ons in every bar in a pleasant waltz style and going up to fret twelve on string one.

Little Tulip’s Waltz is also in D Major but slightly more complex with a couple of barres and more movement in the melody line

Three of the pieces Feeling Free, Dance of the Mango Ice – Cream and Summer Forever are marked Swing. Having listened to her recordings I can state that she does in fact mean that the straight quavers throughout these three pieces are meant to be treated like a triplet of quavers with the first one a crotchet and the last one a quaver.AS a result they are suitably fun and as a result of the swing rhythm are slightly more complex rhythmically.

The Tarantella Stracciotella is in two voices and as you might expect is a 6/8 rhythm in Em and a good test of the pupil having to play something that moves quickly

No Worries has moments of higher positioning and a triplet of a three – note hammer – on, whilst Looking For A Way involves some easy-ish chordal arpeggios that you have to hold momentarily in position and a two – voiced structure that includes various fretted notes underneath rather than just open strings. Nine in The Evening is in E Major with multiple hammer – ons in an easy going style that requires a legato touch throughout.

Off To Spain has a melody that largely stays in the higher echelons of the fingerboard and the final Dear Autumn has a couple of moments where the player is holding on three notes and moving the shape up the guitar along with pull – offs and the occasional harmonic.

As a set it is melodic and definitely aimed more at the younger players , but that doesn’t mean that older players can’t enjoy this fine set , which is Volume 1 of ( at the moment ) a two volume set.

Chris Dumigan

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