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Annette Kruisbrink : Acrylic Groove for two guitars : DOz

Annette Kruisbrink

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate parts (8, 4, and 2 pages respectively)

This new piece from Kruisbrink is in an almost rock style with swinging rhythms throughout. It is in 4/4 and starts on guitar 2, who has a 6th string D, with a pair of off – beat octave Ds that rock backwards and forwards .Then at bar 3 guitar 1 opens with the melody that takes over the entire piece, although it does have subtle transformations every now and then. However it does almost sound like something an electric guitar might play as a riff in a pop song, and consistently flies around the fingerboard sometimes in two voices and often off the beat .After a little while guitar 2 begins playing some more complex runs in between going back to the octave Ds, but now coloured with other little details.

As the piece progresses both parts get gradually more complex so that, although that opening riff is usually there it is always varied, along with the 2nd guitar’s accompaniment part too, so that boredom never sets in. Moreover some of this music is really quite tricky to get your hands around, so it is definitely not for the beginners amongst you. However the styled is friendly and fun throughout, and at 76 bars does not outstay its welcome. I could easily see a decent duo having a lot of fun with this intriguing little work from one of the Netherland’s best guitarist/composers.

Chris Dumigan

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