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Atanas Ourkouzounov : Chaconnitsa : Doberman – Yppan

Atanas Ourkouzounov

Doberman – Yppan: 11 pages

The contemporary Bulgarian composer/guitarist Atanas Ourkouzounov has written many works for our instrument (and others too) and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most interesting musicians whose music is played by many the world over.

This latest work has a low sixth B, which might give some of your guitars a little bit of a time, keeping it in tune for any length of time. It starts in 11/8 but then diversifies into 15/8, 13/8, 4/4, 17/8, 2/4, 9/8, 10/8 and 14/8 after a short time, so good counting is essential here. The piece is in 2 and sometimes 3 voices throughout, and the unusual bar lengths do create a few problems especially when the part – writing is so diverse, and moves around constantly. The piece is very carefully fingered though, and so eventually, the piece does start to deliver its secrets to the player. There is no key signature as the harmonies are very free, and full of accidentals throughout. Moreover the use of a high tessitura in many places means that being able to read and play past fret 12, in 2 or 3 voices constantly is also a difficulty one has to get over. But that said this is a substantial offering and one which many players will be waiting to try out, and so I can only say that if you like the man’s musical style then this latest piece will suite you admirably, if your technique is up to it, that is !

Chris Dumigan

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