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Bart Aerts : Two Summer Waltzes: DOz

Bart Aerts

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

Belgian composer Bart Aerts has here written two short waltzes with a nice airy warm feel to them. Both are exactly 48 bars long, and both at a speed of 120 beats a minute, and they are both of modest difficulty only, and so any interested players would not find either of them too hard.

The first one is set in Am, with a middle section in the tonic major, and marked Allegro Espressivo, and follows that pattern of a long bass note with one or two chords acting as the harmony, whilst the melody is sat atop everything. It has a pleasant melody and a friendly set of harmonies, even if they are a little obvious.

The second waltz is in D Major, and marked Allegro Giocoso and has those warm, major 7th harmonies that just speak of summer. There are one or two momentary harmonic excursions into other keys but they quickly return to the home key.

This pairing is a nice, pleasant, and if I’m honest, not terribly unusual, or unexpected, and as a result, they are fine as pieces for your pupils, or if you like your music warm and friendly. Just don’t expect anything really original in them, sound – wise.

Chris Dumigan

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