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Berndt Leopolder  : Two Bossa Novas  : Bergmann

Berndt Leopolder

Bergmann Edition: 10 pages


Austrian born composer, player, arranger and teacher, Leopolder has written a number of works and these two bossa novas are quite individual, and full of nice touches, and interesting moments.

The first one Danca da Noite ( Night Dance) has all the rhythmic components of a Bossa Nova that make the style interesting to play and tricky to get your mind around, for a few plays! Set in E minor it moves around in a very pleasant fashion , and never sits still rhythmically or melodically and definitely has a few places where your technique  will be tasked somewhat!

The second piece Ondas Suaves , (Soft Waves) is just as quirky but utterly different from the first piece, although it is still rhythmically diverse, and full of interesting melodic moments and a number of places that will keep the player on his/her toes, but never bored by any of the content.

This pair is a lot of fun, and definitely not for any player who is less than moderately talented, technically speaking, but is definitely a set for players who don’t like their music too predictable!  A nice set.


Chris Dumigan

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