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Guy- Jean Maggio :Caracas Valse : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Guy- Jean Maggio

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

This is a Venezuelan waltz very much in the Antonio Lauro tradition, and even begins with that very famous first five notes of an E, an F another E , a D# and a final E , all in quavers , just as many other waltzes .So , you are immediately on familiar ground , musically and harmonically speaking. It is a Vivace of 160 crotchets a minute, set in A minor, with the middle section in the Tonic major. It flies around the fingerboard, often via arpeggiated chords and one has to be quite adept at suddenly landing on a bar chord with little or no notice, before flying off in another direction. The one unusual thing in the piece is the second theme of the opening section which doesn’t stick to the four bar phrases of the rest, but is shortened in a couple of places which at first seems odd. The Major section has a lovely melody whilst still dashing around the strings relentlessly, making this piece an intermediate piece at the very least. The opening minor key section returns once more, with a brief coda.

This is a very pleasant piece, in a style which, should you like the Venezuelan waltz style, you will enjoy immensely.

Chris Dumigan

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