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Celil Refik Kaya : An Afternoon : DOz

Celi Refik Kaya

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

This Istanbul – born guitarist has written many fine works , quite a few of which I have come across and admired .This latest piece is of modest size but like many of his works speaks in an original voice that proves to be beautiful, and in spite of its utter tonality, fresh and saying something quite unique.

Starting and finishing in D Major, with a dropped D 6th, he migrates through a number of keys along the way, but then again that is part of this player’s originality, namely the way he uses the key structures to suddenly take you places you didn’t think it would go.

Set in a Moderato 3 / 4 it begins in three voices with a rising melody topping a flowing pair of harmony lines underneath, and has a warm and soft melody that sounds sad and lonely from the start. Although the basic pattern stays quite similar through this first idea, extra sharps and then naturals herald momentary moves into other keys, before a sudden and delightfully unexpected set of bars suddenly takes you into flat key territory, and one finds oneself playing a Db Major 7th arpeggiated chord. You might think that this couldn’t possibly work, yet it does. Then an equally sudden move and we are in E Major, and just as suddenly an enharmonic change from a D# to an Eb and we find ourselves in C Minor. There are also some quite original inner voices that are certainly not placed often where you expect them, and so this piece does take a little working out, before it flows naturally under your fingers. An opposite enharmonic change from Eb to D# then leads into yet another new key, albeit brief, before the opening D Major returns for one last time and then to a coda where a D and A drone underneath a whole tone rising scale and finally to a finish on a D Major chord.

I loved this most original piece as it manages to be utterly different and yet still remains friendly and emotive whilst at times being a little enigmatic too. This is a nice piece for modestly talented players to enjoy.

Chris Dumigan

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