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Chris Reubens : Save it for a Rainy Day: DOz

Chris Reubens

Les Productions D’Oz: 6 pages

Belgian – born Reubens composed this piece to be played on Lithuanian National Television from a riff he had been trying out on his ukulele. The end result is light, airy, and full of different sorts of a motif that appears in bar one, consisting of a small group of notes that are hammered – on and pulled off in one move and form part of the riff. After a little while the riff develops slightly, and things move around so that you don’t end up playing the same riff continuously but find that it is constantly changing a little each time you play it.

It is written for the most part in semi – quavers and demi – semi – quavers with the odd quaver here and there, so although the speed is andante, it is 76 crotchets a minute which means that the notes you are playing are moving quite considerably.

There are a small number of little diversions along the way but the piece quickly returns to its opening idea and so there is little room to relax. After one final time, the piece’s coda is a little different , being a variation from what has gone before, and so in the end this modest little piece closes on a G Major chord with an added A at the top. It is quite short, only 61 bars , but still a few pages, owing to the small notes most of it is written in.

Nice, fun, not too easy to play, and a piece that many will enjoy

Chris Dumigan

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