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Claudio Maccari : Slancio : DOz

Claudio Maccari

Les Productions D’Oz : 7 pages

With a title that translates as Upsurge, Momentum, Dash or Rush, you would expect this piece to have a forward movement that is quite considerable, and so it has! At 138 quavers a minute and a piece of writing that is almost always in semi-quavers or even smaller, this piece really travels.

The first Allegro section consists of a rising pattern of triads over an open bass A that then turns into an idea full of semi – quavers and demi- semi- quavers in a number of different rhythms including 3s, 4s and 6s in the bar. Pull offs and hammer -ons abound and then the idea repeats with a lot of variation but always with a forward motion of some power. Suddenly at bar 47 things slow down slightly and an idea in octaves takes over surrounded by various open strings, but this only lasts for 10 bars before Tempo1 re- enters .This is very brief and the Poco Meno 2nd tempo comes back almost immediately, this time with the octaves replaced by a different idea in 2 and sometimes 3 voices. After a small amount of time, this then slows down and a Lento new theme takes over which has some musical harmonic clashes in its part – writing. This then starts developing a rhythmic pattern underneath the melody which then gradually returns to the original tempo 1 , and the triad theme , varied slightly, which then turns for the final few bars into the semi – quaver, demi-semi- quaver precipitando idea from near to the start, which then becomes the lead into the coda. A ritenuto on a brief return of the octave idea, and everything closes on a chord and a harmonic on fret 19.

This is lots of fun, always harmonically modern, but not too much, so there is nothing chromatic or atonal without a key structure, and the piece itself is of moderate difficulty and would definitely be fine for a talented player, and his /her audience to get involved with.

Chris Dumigan

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