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Thierry Tisserand: Comme des Etudes Volume 1 :DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Comme des Etudes Volume 1

Thierry Tisserand

D’Oz: 23 pages

Reviewed 25th January 2018

These ten studies also include a very thorough instruction section for each of them, and are intended for guitarists with three to five years of playing behind them.

Each has a technical purpose, for example No1 sub-titled, For rhythm, chords, arpeggios, position shifts and guide fingers, and No5 For Legato , chords and finger independence, to name but two. The notes for the pieces are printed to the right of the piece and they are to be studied first to facilitate your learning, and are printed in French and English. He also, unusually for a classical book, often uses chord diagrams to help visualize the finger positions on the fretboard.

As for the pieces themselves, they are really worthwhile, as is everything that I have ever seen from Tisserand, one of the best modern writers for guitar. No 1 is in swing rhythm, but as is often the case, written in straight quavers, a common situation with some modern guitar writing which he goes into some detail explaining.No2 has a Latin feel and a particular syncopated rhythm .No3 is great for your slur practice, ascending and descending, on or off the beat. No4 is for repeated notes, whilst No5 is entirely four note chords, with some unusual voicings along the way. No8 is a constant flow of sixteenth note arpeggios with lots of different placed accents.

The rest of the set is just as useful and every bit as musical as you might expect from this man.

Chris Dumigan

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