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Cristiano Porqueddu : Recuerdo Una Brisa Triste Pour Los Olivos - Tombeau di Angelo Gilardino: DOz

Christiano Porqueddu

Les Productions D’Oz: 8 pages

This piece is dedicated to the famous teacher, composer, and generally all – round musician that was Angelo Gilardino who is remembered here in this latest piece by Italian guitarist/composer Cristiano Porqueddu. Set in Dm with a dropped D 6th, it has the suitably apt indication of Grave above the music that begins with a resonant and accented low A before a three note little phrase begins above it. Suddenly, whilst the bell- tolls, that are the low A, continue, there is very swift and surprising sequence of a mixture of semi – quavers, triplets and septuplets that ring around each other like a group of bells being rung together. This set of events continues for another 5 times, each slightly different from its predecessor, in what is a startling and very effective opening. Then the opening motto-like theme develops into a two voiced section that continues for some time now underpinned by the tolling A’s. A brief pause and there are again a sequence of a number of very swift runs, similar to before, interspersed with loud serious chords. This takes the player all over the fingerboard , with each semi – quaver run , different from before and all using some very individual strings and fingerings to make the ‘bell – ringing’ effect. Then a new idea in mainly three voices, all very agile in rhythm and following no noticeable pattern take over, before leading straight back into the opening with the tolling A’s and the bell – chiming runs in between. Then a new section, with an Adagio instruction takes over beginning in 3/ 4 with three groups of complex septuplet semi – quavers, that then move to groups of 8, so even though the passage is marked Adagio, it doesn’t by any stretch feel that speed. Now the serious block chords re – enter still followed by the bell – ringing semi – quaver patterns that eventually lead to a bar with demi – semi – quavers. Then , after a brief climax, the tolling bell A’s return and continue under the music whilst the three note motif comes in one more time, still interspersed by the bell – ringing semi – quavers runs .Then suddenly on a phrase that you have heard earlier in the piece, the music stops, pauses, and that is the end.

It is very atmospheric, very haunted, and sad, and a fitting tribute to a man that I had some musical dealings with over the years, and who was nothing but charming and helpful to me, although we never actually met. Nothing in this piece is easy, largely owing to the sequences of bell – ringing semi – quavers patterns that take some working out first and then actually do require some playing! That said, this is a fine piece that I can see making quite an effect on people that hear it!

Chris Dumigan

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