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David Russell : Isaac Albeniz : Spanish music for Classical Guitar :CD

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

ALBENIZ: Torre Bermeja; Granada: Zambra Granadina; Cadiz; Preludio; Rumores de la Caleta; Cordoba; Cataluna; Capricho Catalan; Cuba ; Tango; Pavana; Zorzico; Minueto a Sylvia; Zambra – Capricho.

David Russell

Telarc: 32712 - 02 (CD)

Within the 15 tracks of this CD from 2011 are some of the most well – known pieces of guitar music, known even to non – guitarists in the general public----- except to the uninitiated none of them are original guitar works, for Albeniz was a pianist, and piano pieces they remain, and there are dozens that still remain, with a surprising amount completely lost, or unavailable to the public in private collections. So to find how guitaristic they are is at first mind – boggling .However it must be said that he must have had the guitar in his mind when creating these wonderful evocative musical photographs of Spain.

David Russell’s CD first came out 10 years ago, in 2011 and is still available now. The first thing to say about the CD is that it includes just about every piece that players have arranged for guitar Yes , there are one or two others for solo guitar , but not a lot, and so this immediately becomes a library CD for anyone wanting as complete a collection as possible.

The other important fact about this Cd is that the playing is wonderful, the style is impeccable, the technique cannot be faulted and the music is perfectly natural in its arranged disguise, so much so that to my ears at least they sound better on the guitar than they do on the piano!

This is a truly fabulous CD, and if I don’t mention any particular tracks as stand –out performances it is that they are quite simply ALL impeccable. So if you haven’t got this CD already, why ever not?

Chris Dumigan

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