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David Russell : Music of Barrios : CD

BARRIOS : Un Sueno en la Floresta; Gavota Madrigal : Danza Paraguaya Nos 1, 2, and 3 ; Julia Florida ; Vals Op8 No3; Vals de Primavera; Vals Tropical ; Vals Op8 No4 :Las Abejas; Fabiniana; Mazurka Apasionata; Pais de Abanico; Cueca; La Catedral; A Mi Madre; Caazapa; Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios.

David Russell

Telarc : CD 80373

Having recently reviewed a Barrios programme by Enno Voorhorst, I thought it worth having a listen to another Barrios set that I was sent. Immediately one notices the different feel to the opening Un Sueno en La Floresta , more emotive, and portions of it quite a different speed too, although in this piece there is plenty of room for different interpretations, unlike the following Gavota Madrigal which has to bounce along happily, which it does admirably here. The Three Danza Paraguayas are all here, and No1 is of course perhaps Barrios most famous work, and one of the most played by other guitarists. But the other two are wonderfully vibrant and the set of three sound superb. There’s plenty of emotion in the lovely Julia Florida (Julia blossoming, its nothing to do with the place!), whilst the four waltzes are beautifully lively and still manage to have their emotional undercurrent too, and its nice to hear the two rarer pieces too, the Primavera , and the Tropical alongside the two Op8s, No4 really racing around with Russell having absolutely no trouble technically , which also goes for the following Las Abejas , which he takes at top speed, and very successfully too!. After a lovely version of perhaps the rarest heard piece on this CD, Fabiniana, comes the vibrant Mazurka Apasionata, and the quirky Pais de Abanico.A very stylish Cueca takes us into the 3 –movement La Catedral, one of Barrios most serious works , and one of his most popular and deservedly so. The beautiful A Mi Madre, another quite rare piece, leads into Caazapa, its beautiful wear folk- like harmonies being brought out very nicely by Russell. The recital ends with one of Barrios most deeply –felt pieces, and one of the last he wrote, the tremolo coming out effortlessly and the sad mournful melody really hitting home.

This is altogether a lovely recital, full of beautiful pieces, that if you don’t know, you really should! Definitely this is one of the best Barrios recitals I have ever come across.

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