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Dusan Bogdanovic : 12 Preludes D’Hiver: Doberman - Yppan

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Dusan Bogdanovic

Doberman – Yppan : 23 pages

This richly hued set of 12 pieces as written in Bogdanovic’s very unique style, a mix of modern classical, folk, and jazz mixed in with some chromatic elements too. The set opens with a piece entirely set in chords, usually of four notes, but very exotic in their harmonies, as none of them are major, or minor but rather all flavoured with one or two notes that give the composer his unique style of writing, and this opening is very sad, almost tragic in its intensity. No2 is similar in many ways in its feeling, but consists of 2 , sometimes 3 moving voices and very few chords.No3 is in 14/8 with multiple places where the rhythms are complex and where very careful knowledge of the piece is required to make any sense of it for quite a considerable time.

I could go on and mention every piece individually but it’s easier to summarize the set by saying that the language is unusual and heavily modern , with many unusual time signatures, that sometimes change many times in the short piece, and with a lot of unusual syncopations that really only advanced players will be able to attempt.

Bogdanovic has many followers who love his very individual style of writing, as YouTube followers will realise, and so that sort of player will have a lot of fun getting their hands around this very tricky set.

Chris Dumigan

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