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Erik Marchelie : Resonance for 2 guitars : DOz

Erik Marchelie

Les Productions D’Oz: score and separate parts (8, 3, and 3 pages respectively)

This latest piece by Erik Marchelie is dedicated to the Duo Resonantia, hence the title! It is basically a short but fun piece that opens up where guitar 2 answers guitar 1, a bar later, so that the main phrase ( that is changed slightly every time) is a long note , or two long notes, underneath which guitar 2 plays a quick semi – quaver run. This then swaps over so that guitar 1 now plays a semi – quaver run , whilst guitar 2 now has the long note, or notes. To be fair this does continue for a total of 52 bars, which might be a little too repetitive for some, in spite of the fact that the music itself is constantly changing, and my duet partner and I did get a little too aware of the repetition, but you might feel entirely differently. At bar 53 a Latin- styled rhythm now takes over in guitar 1, with guitar 2 doing a very quick , end of bar slur of four notes in demi – semi quavers. After 8 bars the parts swap over until the Latin rhythm now develops into an arpeggio accompaniment to the slurred demi – semi – quaver part , now developed somewhat. This then swaps parts until the opening theme and ideas repeats once more, slightly changed before a slam – bang close where the two guitars play the same phrase but an octave away from each other.

This piece is friendly, and quite a fun piece and not too difficult either, and providing the above comments about the repetition don’t bother you, it would be enjoyable to give it a go.

Chris Dumigan

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