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Escales Musicales :12 Traditional pieces arr. Laurent Meneret: DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Les Productions D’Oz: 12 pages

French – born Meneret has collected together here a dozen traditional folk melodies that range from very simple two – part writing with No1 ( Bateau sur le la Thai- a Chinese melody ) to No.12 being a piece of medium difficulty involving chordal harmony writing (Ciuciarella, a Corsican tune).

The arrangements are short but melodic and they are progressive, but gradually so, with eleven from a different areas of the globe represented. There are two American melodies that you are almost sure to recognize, Red River Valley, set in a two voiced arrangement in D, and a C Major version of Aura Lee that of course became Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley. Others include Scarborough Fair, now involving a few chords and a few three – note chords, an Austrian Waltz called Heidschi Bumbeidschi set in A Major that is an attractive little piece , an Israeli piece Evenou Shalom , a haunting melody and arrangement in A minor, and other pieces from Finland, Russia, , Brasil , a Basque melody, and finally a Jewish Russian melody.

Nothing is more than moderate, and only in the final pieces is the player required to do some barring, though not much. Moreover Meneret has carefully picked the pieces for their melodic interest, and any teacher who has players of only modest abilities would definitely benefit from this delightful little book

Chris Dumigan

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