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Eugene Den Hoed  : Campolito Boulevard for Flute or Violin and Guitar : DOz

Eugene Den Hoed

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate parts (8, 3 and 4 pages respectively)


The work of this composer is well – known and admired by me and I have a multitude of his pieces, every one worth playing, and every one very playable, completely original in style and sounding immediately like one of his works. So if anyone doesn’t know any music by this composer, look them up!

This latest piece is based on his previous solo, Campo Tribute that was dedicated to Abel Carlevaro and inspired by his Preludios Americanos No3. It is set in Am and begins with n E Major chord and a poco rubato run up a scale to a pause, after which the flute or violin brings in the melody which is a pleasant Allegretto underpinned by an interesting and slightly unusual guitar accompaniment. At letter B the guitar and melody instrument continue with a slight variation, leading to a new section now in Dm. This is in very much the same vein as the opening melody with the guitar never playing the melody but having its own interesting counterpoint to it. After a momentary pause on an E7 chord, the first melody returns once more, leading in turn to another new section full of different time signatures and at a slightly slower pace. Here the 3 / 4 of the main section is joined by 2/4, 4/4 and 5/4 bars for a little while that in turn reaches a pause, and then a final return to the opening idea, again still slightly varied every time it does return. The second Dm melody then re- enters before the coda, which is a copy of the introductory opening scale climb up the guitar takes us to the final close on a bare fifth on A.

This gentleman’s pieces are always good, and this latest one is no exception. You have to be reasonable players, but nothing is terribly difficult to play, and so two moderately good players would get a lot from this piece that is always melodic but as with his other pieces, written in a style that is completely his own .Definitely worth trying !


Chris Dumigan

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