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Eugenio Catina : Mattino d’Autunno for flute and guitar: Da Vinci Edition

Eugenio Catina

Da Vinci Edition: Score and separate parts: 6, 3, and 3 pages respectively

Set in the slightly rare key of G#m, this short piece for flute and guitar, (only 68 bars in length) is marked Dolce , con Sentimento and begins with an l.v. arpeggio of a slightly altered G#m , before the flute enters .the music is friendly and emotive and both parts keep the players busy ,and although nothing is too advanced, the slightly rare key occasionally puts the guitarist in chord and arpeggio situations that he/she might find a little unusual. After the opening section the key moves to E Major , again mixing 3 / 4 and 2/4 with a slightly more upbeat theme that then turns to 3/8, mixed with 2/4 , and after a brief crescendo, G#m returns for the final 20 odd bars finishing pianissimo.

This is a nice piece of music, very tonal, and a great piece for a decent duo to try out. The music itself is, as with his other pieces, just a little different whilst remaining entirely tonal from start to finish. It is definitely worth looking out for.

Chris Dumigan

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