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Francesca Torelli  : Alessandro Piccinini : Intavolature Di Liuto e Chitarrone: CD

PICCININI: Toccata III, Corrente IV, Battaglia, Toccata VI, Corrente VIII, Gagliarda III, Aria Di Fiorenza, Corrente I, Corrente VI, Gagliarda II, Ricercar I, Sarabanda Alla Francese, Corrente I, Corrente IX, Passacagli, Corrente IV, Gagliarda I, Toccata VIII, Corrente II, Corrente VII, Gagliarda IV, Calasone, Bergamasco, Ciaccona Mariona, Ciaccona.

Francesco Torelli – Lute / Chitarrone

Tactus – TC 561602

Alessandro Piccinini was born in Bologna, and is best known for his two volumes of lute music: Intavolatura di Liuto et di Chitarrone, libro primo (Bologna, 1623) and Intavolaturo di Liuto (Bologna, 1639), from which this latest collection of 25 pieces originates, and interestingly this pair of collections is the only music known by him. The lady performing this music, Francesca Torelli, is considered among the best Italian lutenists in today’s Early music scene.

The recording is quite clear with some reverb evident. Her playing is faultless, and like all lute music from this era, if you love the sound of the lute and its big brother the chitarrone, you will love the whole album. As for Piccinini’s music, it falls into the categories of Toccata, Correntes, and Gagliardas, with a small number of other movements that tend to be variation – based.

This is altogether a fine album of wonderful playing of some lute works that I didn’t previously know, but whether it is known to you or not, you will find nothing to complain about on this lovely CD.


Chris Dumigan


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