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Francis Kleynjans : Marche Funeste Op360 : DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Francis Kleynjans

Les Productions D’Oz: 3 pages

Francis Kleynjans is surely a composer well known to many of you reading this, and I am very glad to see this because a few years ago, when reviewing for the Classical Guitar Magazine, I received one of this writer’s books to review called Mes Derniers Feuillets, and I assumed that maybe he had finally given up writing .I’m glad to see that’s not the case!

This latest little piece is in G minor, not a very common key for guitarists, and it is a slow and measured 6/8, consisting of two, sometimes three voices rocking gently in quavers almost through the entire piece. It has a haunting melody, as with many of this man’s works, and there are plenty of slightly unusual places where your fingers end up going, to create the desired effect. In this key, there are of course almost no open strings and so barres in all manner of places are common here.

It would be ideal for an intermediate player upwards, as if the player could not cope with the barres ,usually over all the six strings, then they would definitely struggle, but otherwise this is a nice , if slightly short, little miniature from this fine composer, that many will love.

Chris Dumigan

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