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Frederick Maggio : A New Day

Frederick Maggio

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 Pages

Unlike many of this composer’s pieces , this is I feel more difficult than some of the others I have so far seen, and is definitely a few steps higher up in technical problems than his others. Before looking at this music I would suggest you look at listen to his father’s fine musical performance on YouTube, to give you an idea of what the work entails.

The Ritmico marking aptly describes the nature of the piece from the outset, as you are immediately thrown into some very rhythmic arpeggio patterns but, let the player beware that many of the patterns look as if they are to be barred across the fingerboard like chords, when many of them in fact are not. AS soon as you realize that, the fingerings make complete sense. There are also a number of percussive effects along the way and plenty of rhythmically diverse moments that need your careful attention.

So all considered this is quite a tricky piece that really needs a good technician to make it successful in every way , but again, the study aspects of this piece don’t bely the fact that it is musical, with friendly harmonies and with more than a hint of the ‘folk – pop’ style too, and is quite different to anything I have seen before.

Chris Dumigan

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