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Frederick Maggio : Belle Histoire : DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Frederick Maggio

Les Productions D’Oz: 3 pages

This piece is inspired by the comic book writer Merwane Chabane, hence, I imagine, the title of ‘beautiful story’. It is a quite short (33 bars) but melodic little piece that has a upward motioned run of semi – quavers as the motif that keeps recurring , slightly differently each time of course. Set in a 6/8 D Major the piece falls nicely under the fingers and provides the player – listener with a friendly, warm and quite imaginative 2or 3 minutes of music. I was slightly surprised at the fact that the apparent final bar doesn’t have a double bar at the end, but I am quite confident that there aren’t any bars missing! I also wondered about bar 18 which has an A# in the bass, and a Bb in the next voice above? Surely they should have been both the same, whichever the writer preferred? But that said, this piece is not too easy, but not actually too difficult either as, apart from one or two notes in the piece being written higher up the fingerboard to accommodate the melody line, there is nothing that will stop you playing this piece if you are a moderate player and upwards.

Chris Dumigan

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