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Frederick Maggio : Lumiere : DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Frederick Maggio

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

The title Lumiere or Light gets its name , I imagine, from the particularly unusual pattern that almost the whole piece has, which does give that effect , as certain notes are off – beat and thus the music places an unexpected importance on them, hence lighting up the music in a particular way.

Although the piece is in 6/8 throughout, there is a pattern of quavers in the top voice of two groups of three, but the lower voice is usually off beat, thus placing an odd rhythm to the six notes above. A the intended speed of 112 dotted crotchets a minute the piece is quite fast and so one has to be very adept at seamlessly moving from one group to the next. Moreover there are a few places where the patterns move right up the fretboard, helped along by various open strings in the middle, so careful reading of the exact fingerings and stringing is essential here.

This piece almost acts as a study in arpeggio playing, and in the unusual patterns that are conveyed by the piece, but in spite of that the piece is pleasant and as a result this piece is quite useful as well as fun to play. Moreover it is not too technically difficult, so any decent players would benefit from it .

Chris Dumigan

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